What We Offer

Quality Management
& Task Forces

Supplier Quality & Interims Management
VDA & ISO/IATF Audit Support
PPAP Support & Execution
Value Stream Mapping & Capacity Analysis

Logistics Planning
& Packaging

Factory & Layout Planning
Logistics, Route & Transportation Planning
Packaging, Containers, Carrier Concepts
PFEP, Staging, Racking, Kitting

& Process Engineering

Production Process Planning
Industrial Engineering
KPI & Data Management
Project Management

Outsourced Solutions
& Consulting

Talent & Consulting
Support Operations & Facility Management
Systems Management
Expert Training
Turn-key & Projects

Assembly Tools
& Equipment

Custom Design & Build
Construction & Automation
Rapid Prototyping
Measurement Services
Turn-key Solutions

Our Expertise
provides significant benefits


Over 1,000 successful projects with flexibility in timing, capacity, and form of delivery.


Quick decision-making, fast response times, commitment, and supervision for every project.

Global Workforce

Internationally experienced team members in a network of various expertise and skill.


Our in-house developed systems are state of the art and support all engineering services.

Quality Service

We are ISO-certified and ensure to deliver services at the highest possible quality through our quality management systems.

Experienced Team

Our team searches and identifies qualified personnel that fits the needs of our customers, so our expertise can become your success.

Innovative Solution Experts

We can combine production and manufacturing with logistics and quality and provide a complete and comprehensive service surrounding any manufacturing industry.
Our flexibility allows us to serve in form of expertise or experts on-demand as well as delivery of products and services or even project management, turn-key projects, or interim management. We adapt to the request and needs of our customers and do not compromise the quality of our work.

Our Systems

SWJ O.M.S. is an innovative and online-based SAP tool ideal for the tracking of quality data or production numbers, downtime, logistics data incl. racks, parts, modules – based on part numbers, scans or progress reports, modules or shipment information.
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SWJ TECHNOLOGY has proprietary tools to determine standard process times (based on MTM/MOST values) but simplified for use of production team members. Tools may be licensed to customers and simple but standardized basics to establish lean processes.
SWJ T.I.C (Ticket Information Center) is a software that enables organizations to resolve their support queries by managing and streaming the process of issue resolution.
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