Our Corporate Development
Since 2009

  • 2009

    Breilmann US, LLC was created

    Breilmann US, LLC was created 2009 to serve the US Markets as a subsidiary of Breilmann-AG in Germany.
  • 2011

    South Carolina Presence

    In early 2011 the company branched out of its South Carolina presence and added an office in Tennessee to serve its growth and an additional region with close proximity to its customers.
  • 2014

    Renamed to SWJ-Breilmann U.S. LLC

    In 2014 the company was renamed to SWJ-Breilmann U.S. LLC in conjunction with SWJ and Breilmann working collaboratively together for the US market.
  • 2019

    The Company Grows

    In 2019 SWJ-Breilmann was renamed to SWJ TECHNOLOGY, LLC. The company broke ground for the construction of its new USMCA headquarters in Alberta City, a suburban area of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, after being awarded with a federal grant through the
    "Innovate Tuscaloosa" program.
  • 2021

    New USMCA Headquarters

    In March of 2021, SWJ moved into its new USMCA headquarters, the "Alberta Technology Center".
  • 2021

    New Facility & Advancements

    The new facility includes the regional office for Alabama, and has its own engineering lab, operated by the subsidiary NGE EQUIPMENT, offering various solutions, such as advanced measurement and prototyping services, assembly of innovative specialty tools, equipment and handhelds, which will support and integrate into manufacturing operations.
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Our awards and achievements

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Board Members

Dr. W. Kneer

Chairman, President & CEO

M. Jurditsch

Treasurer & CFO

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